Hedge Funds

KPG Capital Partners, LLC represents a wide range of hedge fund managers comprising various strategies and disciplines. Throughout our over 20-year history, we have worked primarily with single managers across asset classes including Long Short equity, emerging markets, fixed income, commodities, currencies, global macro and sector funds. Our strategies range from the larger traditional funds to the niche manager.

In addition, our firm has successfully completed seeding structures with a select group of emerging managers. We provide our clients with access to our long-term relationships, which have been cultivated through years of dialogue resulting in a unique understanding of the investors’ preferences, goals and process. Each of our team members has an extraordinary trading and risk management background, not commonly found in the capital-raising world. This provides us with a different perspective in evaluating our products and understanding the requirements of our investors. The element of time is key to the service we provide to our clients and to the relationship we maintain with investors. Understanding the capacity constraints, liquidity concerns, as well as structural issues helps to streamline the investment process. Our knowledge of the specific investment criteria of our investors allows us to effectively coordinate the exchange of information and documentation to ensure the efficient use of resources. This unique skill set has enabled us to earn the respect and loyalty of both our managers and investment clients.

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